things i tried in may

Things I Tried In May

Since quitting my job and becoming more focused on my family, I’ve had so much more time to tweak our lifestyle. It’s so important for me to take a look at the stuff we ingest and the products we consume and evaluate if they’re good for us. I want us to be able to get the most out of each day while caring for our health so that we can enjoy these experiences together.

Over the past month, I was able to incorporate new products into my routine, as well as make conscious swaps. As a mom, I’m very mindful of the fact that we shouldn’t go over our set monthly family budget. I know moms like me don’t have much wiggle room to experiment with new products for their home and health. Luckily, the things I tried in May are not expensive at all.

What I want to focus on this month are items that will do good for your wellness. When you consider how much stress we go through every day, there has to be something in our daily routines that allow our bodies to relax, recover, and be nourished. Here are my finds for this month that I want to share with you, along with their costs. Living well doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank!

Bamboo toothbrushes

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We consume a whole lot of plastic every single day. When you think about it, toothbrushes seem like the least offenders. But when you consider a family of four buying new brushes every three months, the amount of plastic adds up. I’ve replaced our family’s toothbrushes with a more eco-friendly alternative: bamboo toothbrushes. They have biodegradable handles, which means more of it can be recycled. Bamboo is also naturally antimicrobial, which means less janky germs on the handle of your brush. Best of all, they are not more expensive than regular toothbrushes. Instantly, this list becomes not just the things I tried in May, but also what my entire family tried. 🙂

Approximate cost: Php 33 to Php 199 per brush, from various online sellers.

Malunggay pills

In the Philippines, it’s common knowledge that nursing mothers benefit greatly from malunggay consumption. But did you know that malunggay has so many other benefits? It helps with scalp problems, hypertension, asthma, and even insomnia. It aids in digestion. It’s a humble superfood that will supplement any health regimen! If you can’t exactly keep including the fresh leaves in food, handy capsules will give you all the benefits without the hassle. There are so many suppliers of malunggay or moringa pills, at various price points, but they often cost less than Php 10 per daily dose. I buy mine at Vpharma.

Approximate cost: Php 950 for a box of 100 capsules.

Laurin MCT coconut oil

Again, everyone knows that coconut oil is very beneficial for anyone looking after their health. But Laurin MCT coconut oil has even more benefits than regular coconut oil. It is a flavorless oil that does not solidify but helps boost the immune system, provide energy, raise one’s metabolism, and manage cholesterol levels. A teaspoon a day gives you all these benefits and more. As moms, we should be conscious of the quality of ingredients we cook with since many in the market actually do more harm than good. But switching to Laurin MCT coconut oil in preparing meals will put your family on the path to wellness.

Approximate cost: starts at Php 300 for 150mL.

Salt rock lamp

things i tried in may

If you’ve attended home and decorating fairs lately, you’ve probably seen a whole bunch of these Himalayan pink salt rock lamps quietly beckoning you with their warm glow. Salt lamps do have other benefits apart from being so calming. Salt lamps help clear the air around you so that impurities are lessened. Living in the city means dealing with a lot of air pollution, so this is one way that has made an impact on the air we breathe indoors. This is apart from the fact that they look so cool. One lamp will last you forever.

Approximate cost: starts at Php 800.

Aprica stroller

things i tried in may

Taking care of a toddler and a baby is not easy. Good thing there are people and things to help us out and make it so much easier. Aprica strollers and car seats have been so useful for us when we are out with Aria and Ezra. This brand may be the only thing expensive on this list of things I tried in May, but it’s well worth the investment. The design and functionality of the stroller help us have more peace of mind when we are out with our kids because we know they’re safe and secure. If you often travel by plane with the family, strollers like the Aprica Nano Smart will change your airport life because it’s overhead cabin-friendly!

Approximate cost: carriers start at Php 3,000, and the Nano Smart at Php 22,000.

Broccoli rice

things i tried in may

If you’re on a diet or trying to cut carbs, you may have heard of the wonders that is cauliflower rice. However, when you’re putting a meal together, it can be a hassle to prepare because you need to cook it for a bit before it gets tender. Enter broccoli! Just pulsing a few florets in a food processor, or simply grating it already gives you the perfect texture. It can be eaten as is or steamed for a few minutes. It’s a good alternative to regular rice, and helps you with your daily vegetable intake, too! You can eat it with any ulam of choice. 🙂

Approximate cost: depending on the supermarket, about Php 100 to Php 200 per kilo.

Insight Timer

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Aside from nourishing your body, don’t forget to nourish your mind, too! Meditation has helped me so much in staying calm and grounded despite everything happening in our lives right now. An app helps me do guided meditation daily. And because I like a good deal, I found a free one. Haha. Insight Timer is one app that has thousands of free guided meditations that you can use. Even if you have just one minute or five minutes to spare, use it to focus yourself, calm your mind, and breathe so that you have the energy to get through the day.

Approximate cost: free on the Apple app store or on Google Play store.

Are you also attempting a better lifestyle for your family? I’d love to hear what’s working to help you guys be on the right path! Drop me a line below. 🙂 Don’t forget to join my giveaway as well! I refresh my giveaways regularly, so keep checking back!

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