dear mama alexa

Letter To You Mama

Dear mama Alexa,

Breathe. Everything will be okay.

I know you feel like you’re alone and no one understands, but you should know that there are other people who have gone through the same thing. You are trying your best to be the best mother every day, and it may feel like it’s not ever enough.

Some days may be harder than others.

Some people look down at post-partum depression. They think it’s not normal for a mom to feel so sad and hopeless when they look at their newborn child. It feels like no one understands you, but you know what? There are moms who go through this a lot. It’s surprising. I couldn’t believe that even with so many miracles and happiness happening around me, I could be this lonely, this sad, this depressed about my life.

Honestly, it feels like a continuous battle with your own mind. And the truth is, most say, it is really all that it is.

Some days may be harder than others, but don’t give up.

Your mind is stronger than you think; give kindness to your mind.

It was like a burst of clarity when I knew that there was something I needed to do, which was read and educate myself on post-partum conditions. Instead of sweeping my feelings under the rug, I needed to come to terms with it so that I would know how to deal with it.

I have learned that these are all seasons. There are seasons you feel like you’re tired and there’s no one to talk to. The first time it hit me, I was overwhelmed. I felt like I was spreading myself so thin. I felt like I did not spend enough time with my children.

I would like to share my story with you so that you can feel that you are not alone. So that you know you can overcome this.

I sought out other mothers. I talked to my dad. I joined organizations like Parenting Emporium. I attended events where I met the most beautiful mothers who had stories that were so relatable. They would share their stories and exchange experiences.

Know that there are people who care for you and whom you can reach out to.

Dear mama, you may feel so hopeless right now, but know that this is not going to be the case forever. This is one roadblock that you can overcome, and when you emerge on the other side, you will be victorious.

It’s never easy to understand why this is happening to you, but someday you will look back on this season and see it in perfect clarity. For now, just know two important things: you are not alone, and take the time you need to breathe.


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  1. Awwww. This is uplifting! I am still going through series of meltdowns so it ease me up to know I am not alone. Thank you so much! 😭

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